How to Write Winning Proposals on Upwork?

How to Write Winning Proposals on Upwork?

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This post is about how to write winning proposals on Upwork. It includes a step-by-step process and a list of pro tips that will help you get your submission noticed and accepted by clients. You may be wondering about the best way to write an Upwork proposal. It starts with understanding who you’re talking to and tailoring your message accordingly. Know what they want from you so that when they receive your proposal, they’ll feel confident in hiring you for their project. If this sounds like something up your alley or has any questions, please comment below.

Upwork is the leading freelancing website. Millions of people worldwide come to Upwork each day looking for jobs, and, as a result, many companies use this platform to secure their workforce. Standing out and getting noticed amongst these job seekers can be challenging. This post will cover how to write winning proposals on Upwork, so your company stands out and gets noticed.

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Three Steps to Write Winning Proposals on Upwork.

tips to write winning proposal on upwork

1- Understand the Job:

The first step is to make sure that you understand the job. Take the time to read through the entire job posting and make a list of all requirements. I like to break these requirements into two categories; mandatory and nice-to-have.

Mandatory Requirements: These are the requirements that are necessary for the job. If you cannot fulfil these requirements, then do not bother applying.

Nice-to-Have Requirements: These are the unnecessary requirements for the job, but it would be a big bonus if you could include them in your proposal.

After you understand the job and its requirements, it is time to start your proposal. The most important part of your proposal is the first sentence. It needs to be a clear, concise statement that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading your proposal.

You should also briefly describe who you are as an experienced freelancer. What have been some of your biggest successes? How long have you been working on Upwork? What makes you the perfect candidate for this job?

2- Body of your Proposal:

The second step is the central part, which discusses the client’s problem, solutions, and budget. The body of your proposal should be broken up into three sections:

The Problem: The problem section outlines the client’s specific challenges and how your company can solve them. Make sure to be as detailed and thorough as possible without going overboard. Your clients should feel like you understand what they need exactly.

Our Solution: The Solution section is where we outline how our company will solve the problem that has been presented in the first part of your proposal. This section needs more than just a list of bullet points or features. It needs to clearly and concisely explain how your company will solve the client’s problem.

Cost and Timeline: The final section of your proposal outlines the cost and timeline for your services. It should include a breakdown of the total price and an estimated timeline for completion. Be realistic with the cost and timeline, as this can be the difference between winning and losing a job.

3- EndNote:

At the end of the proposal, put some questions by grabbing the client’s attention and adding some soft skills. If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to writing winning proposals on Upwork. Good luck!

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Rules before writing a proposal on Upwork:

  1. Check client review and hire rate before bidding on the proposals. The hire rate must be 60% or above, and read the client’s review.
  2. If you are a newbie, bidding on the proposal requires two connections.
  3. Always check that client payment must be verified.
  4. Send at least two proposals per day.
  5. Never write a proposal like an essay.
  6. Your tone must be the boss mindset. Show professionalism in your proposal.
  7. Give value to the client. Discuss the main point in the first paragraph instead of your experience.
  8. Write your proposal full-hearted. If you have not, don’t do this.
  9. Describe your qualities in the proposal but not too much.
  10. The first two lines are the most important in the proposal because these two lines help convince the client.


7 Hooks For Your Upwork Proposal

The first two sentences in the UpWork proposal are the real meat to get the client’s attention.

1- Show Excitement:

Name, Hi! While viewing your job details, it jumped out at me. I have extensive experience in “Your Skill” and can immediately start working on your job.

2- Offer Discount:

Name, Hello! I just read your job posting. I have a couple of questions, but first, I’d like to make you an offer. I’m pretty new to Upwork and looking to land a few clients. You can check out my portfolio “Link,” If you feel I could help you, I’ll do the job for a 10% discount.

3- Be Friendly:

Name, Hi! I see you need help with “Anything he/she wants”. I can help make your life easier by taking some of the load off you.

4- Past Experience:

Name, Hi! Your job description CAUGHT my attention. WHY? Because I just did a similar job a few days ago. Here’s the link…

5- Talk About Client:

Name, Hi! Congratulations on starting your online business. I can help you increase your email marketing revenue by 10x with proven strategies and flows that work as a fine wine. Here are the past results of my clients. Link: …

6- Free Sample:

Name, Hi! You are looking for a” Copywriter/developer/editor”; you don’t need to scroll further. We can start with a FREE sample! I’m here to help you make more sales than ever with your project.

7- Ask Questions:

Name, Hi! I just read your job description, and it sparked some questions: “1. Ask a question… 2. Ask questions.”



As you can see, there are a lot of different strategies that people use to write winning proposals on Upwork. It’s up to you which approach is the best for your company and how it operates. But regardless of what strategy you choose, make sure your proposal stands out with its creativity and uniqueness. If this article has interested or inspired you in any way about writing winning proposals on Upwork (or anywhere), please share it with others by using the social media buttons below! I would also love to add something to this article to know what content interests our readers most.


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